Who We Are

The Kateri Vision is to provide simple, decent medical care for rural Nigerians of all faiths, who otherwise have no access to basic medical care. 

In 2002 a group from Trinity Episcopal Church in Tariffville, CT visited northern Nigeria at the invitation of Archbishop Josiah Fearon.  During that trip, a commitment was made to raise support for staffing a medical clinic in Kateri - a rural area that then had no medical facilities. 

Today the clinic is a reality: Staffed with two full time doctors, three nurse practitioners, and a lab technician.  In 2007, the clinic served over 8,000 people who would have otherwise gone without medical care.

Who We Help

Kateri, Nigeria is a small market town surrounded by bush country where the bulk of the population live in small villages.  Most are subsistence farmers who generate income from the crops they transport on their heads or by bicycle to the Kateri market.  The nearest hospital is more than 50 miles away.

The Kateri Medical Clinic provides local medical services for the region’s 500,000 people.  In addition to the 24 hour a day clinic with reliable water and electricity, a mobile medical van provides “bush” medical service two days a week.

We Need Your Support

Every dollar that is donated to the Kateri Medical Clinic goes directly to the purchase of medicine, medical equipment and to pay staff salaries.  Fund raising and administration is provided by volunteers and Trinity Episcopal Church, as part of its outreach effort.  Click this link to learn how you can help.
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